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WIP Drain with DOP

Water Brings Beauty to Your Property

WIP Drain

WIP-DRAIN™ is a passive draining structural floor apparatus. WIP Drain will give you the security that recovery and recycling of water will bring while reducing costs. Your aggregate piles will drain faster, and your company will cut down on capital expenditures and generate a faster use of produced material with less on-site storage.

WIP Drain Drive Over Panels

Moisture recovery and removal with heavy-duty stability to drive on on will save you money.

Without Driver Over Panels

WIP Drain products offer containment and provide a path for Liquids to a discharge area.

Indoor Storage Drainage

Business is about customer what they wants. every customer wants a product or service that solves problem.

What does 1% in moisture cost you?

Portable WIP Drain

Any aggregate that is washed or produced that needs to be dried or transported is a candidate for a Portable WIP Drain. Water from the Portable WIP Drain can be recycled or gathered in a pond. Reducing moisture in products saves costs in transportation and production. If there is less water, there is less weight for transportation. When product has less moisture before entering a drying facility, it can save fuel costs in drying and increases production. Other things that can be factored are smaller piles for production when working with a Portable WIP Drain as it does not take as much time for a pile to dewater and products can have a quicker turnaround time for production. This will make more better efficiencies for the customer allowing more product to be produced. Portable WIP Drain enables a customer to product aggregate closer to the water table, giving them more production space.

Stationary WIP Drain

The Stationary WIP Drain performs the same function as the Portable WIP Drain but built as a permanent solution that provides full containment for environmental situations makes permitting easier. WIP Drain was created to help producers reduce moisture in stockpiles and recycle water. With sand production simulating high moisture of 18-21%, WIP Drain lowers moisture to 4-4.5% as quickly as 24 hours. This saves companies millions in gas usage for the dryers, improves cycle times, and recycled water to lower costs. WIP Drain can be a great answer for many minerals and products for dewatering and drier storage. We do not use pumps, motors, or vacuums. WIP Drain is all passive drainage. We can assist you with a closed-loop “total water management system” with the following: WIP-Drain to capture all of your decant water from your produced piles. Freshwater ponds lined vs. clay and bentonite to eliminate water loss to leakage Floating covers to eliminate evaporation up to 95% Eliminate erosion and blown-in sediment into freshwater storage Safety and insurance reduction Water cost reduction We can increase production at the same time reduce your cost to produce: Rotary dryers in the industry are measured via production, but not moisture content. Evaporating moisture is incredibly expensive from a heat transfer standpoint which subsequently means higher fuel cost 1000 btu for 1 lb of water. If moisture can be removed before entering the dryer, it is very beneficial. Reduction from 10% to 5% moisture is not a 5% reduction but a 100% reduction in latent heat requirements. Re-handle of wet material waiting for decanting before dryer feed by implementing conveyor systems. Reclamation reduction from 7% to 2%. Decant water recovery will reduce the water needed and reduction in Poly consumption in the wash plant. A WIP-Drain system will increase your annualized production by 20% at a minimum due to water in the produced material efficiency. The ability to harvest produced WIP in 20-24 hours vs many days. The decreased footprint of daily storage and long term storage. Longer run time into winter and sooner from the spring thaw. Environmental containment by preventing seep of decanting the water into nearby wells and runoff affecting your SWPPP and receiving waters.

Portable or Stationary from water to chemicals spills.

WIP Drain is the answer to drain moisture.

WIP Drain recycles water back to ponds, portable, and stationary clarifiers. Reduce and move moisture fast. The WIP Drain Drive Over Panel is virtually indestructible. We can install it for you.

Drain aggregates and minerals, while paying yourself for every percent of Moisture reduced and every Gallon of water sent back to the plant.

Innovation for every mineral needing drainage and water recovery. Drain economics emphasizes the use of gravity and natural hydraulic suction done right! Drainage and water recovery faster than ever. Faster drainage that can be relocated and serve multiple purposes. Water Runs Down Hill. and WIP Drain helps to do it faster. Fast drainage of minerals, small footprint. Less stacking equipment, Less Yellow Iron, Less Employees, Less handling Work In Process (WIP) pile are reduced significantly. Major fuel bill savings, cleaner job site without puddles everywhere, water recovery, and reduced reclamation costs. Dry product, flat storage, dryer fuel costs and much more sunken costs in savings!

WIP Drain for Agriculture

Recovering water for reuse applications instead of using freshwater can be a water-saving measure.

When used water is eventually discharged through vegetation it is consumed by the earth but farmers can reuse the moisture along with unused fertilization chemicals back to the plants creating their own ecosystem make a smart decision.