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Frac Sand Dewatering Apparatus

What does each 1% in moisture cost you?


WIP-DRAIN™ is a passive draining structural floor apparatus now draining frac sand in 12-15 hours with moisture reduction readings of 3.75% to 4.2%. It is no longer necessary to have moisture levels of 8% to 10%.

Portable WIP Drain

A complete system encumbering a portable drainage modules and protective full coverage drive over panels (WIP DOP). Portable WIP Drain is a manufactured drainage subgrade that can be installed at any site. The purpose of Portable WIP Drain is to drain aggregates and minerals.

Portable and Stationaryineering

Fast aggregate drainage of minerals, Less Yellow Iron, Smaller footprint, Work In Process (WIP) piles are reduced significantly, Major fuel bill savings, Cleaner job site without puddles everywhere, Water recovery. Reduced reclamation costs. Dry product flat storage.

Efficient Drainage

Prevents inefficient operating. WIP Drain not only gets rid of water quickly, but gives operators traction. WIP Drain allows operators to fill their buckets fast without having to spin a back blade. WIP Drain is the answer to drain moisture. Portable or Stationary from water to chemicals spills.

  • Feature

    Innovation for every mineral needing drainage and water recovery.​ Drain economics emphasizes the use of gravity and natural hydraulic suction done right! Drainage and water recovery faster than ever​. Faster drainage that can be relocated and serve multiple purposes. Water Runs Down Hill. and WIP Drain helps to do it faster.

  • Feature

    Fast drainage of minerals, small footprint. Less stacking equipment, Less Yellow Iron, Less Employees, Less handling Work In Process (WIP) pile are reduced significantly. Major fuel bill savings, cleaner job site without puddles everywhere, water recovery, and reduced reclamation costs. Dry product, flat storage, dryer fuel costs and much more sunken costs in savings!