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Portable WIP Drain


WIP Drain offers containment and provides a path for Liquids to a discharge area. With the start of a heavy-duty liner that is combined with special drainage products including filter and media that drains Liquid, and non-solids from Products. WIP Drain allows all passing filtered Liquid also be recycled or reused. The environmental purposes implemented with a WIP Drain installation are significant. Includes Drive Over Panel.

Smart WIP Box

The Smart WIP Box is an automated drainage and moisture delivery system that allows for automatic watering and nutrient delivery based upon user-defined set points. The Smart WIP Box can be configured with multiple moisture sensors that are placed throughout the growing zones. Numerous sensor positions can be configured allowing for many categories of vegetation throughout. The entire process is monitored through a phone application that displays a graphical representation of the growing environment. The display shows when the pumps are on or off and it gives a real-time view of pressures, flows, soil moistures, and tank levels.