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Evaporation Covers

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Evaporation Covers
Save the precious water you pay for by stopping the wind and sun from evaporating your essential resource away!

RTD Enterprises evaporation covers will pay for themselves in a matter of months by stopping evaporation, and saving your water. You will no longer wonder why your water levels drop significantly every day. Our covers will stop wind and sunlight from evaporating the water and are designed to collect rainwater. The rainwater can then be pumped off the cover and discharged either back into the pit or completely off the cover to other storage units to create further savings. These covers also stop birds from landing in the water as well as significantly reducing or completely stopping the growth of algae.

Our floating evaporation covers are designed using a high quality 40 mil material that will perform with any water level. The cover will remain in direct contact with the water with the pond full, empty, or at any level in between. We can design a cover to fit a pit of any size, and install the cover while the pit is full or empty.