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Floating Liner and Cover
I am writing this letter on behalf of RTD Enterprises. It was a pleasure to work with a competent company that is willing to please its customer. RTD Enterprises provided services for a turn-key project to design and construct a defined sump-tension plate floating cover and liner for a 6 million gallon L-shaped reservoir. This project was completed and accepted by the City. I appreciate a company that stands behind its product.

Gayland K. Swain, Senior Engineering Associate
City of Watsonville / Watsonville, CA
Geomembrane Installation
We are pleased to respond to your request to comment on your installation of the geomembrane system for the Howland Wastewater Facilities. Woodard and Curran Inc., the consulting engineers for this project, have expressed their satisfaction with your performance. We agree with their statements and would like to thank you for your cooperation in complying with the quality control and quality assurance requirements for the installation. We look forward to working with you on future projects

Don L. Colbourne, Senior Construction Manager
Woodward-Clyde Consultants / Howland, ME
HDPE Liner and Polypropylene Cover
I would like to thank RTD Enterprises for installation of the HDPE liner and polypropylene cover at Washoe County's new effluent storage tank. I was very pleased with the liner and cover materials and the close match to our special color requirements. The cover matched very well with the dark brown paint chip that we provided. The liner and cover backside was white which enabled us to make our interior inspection without the use of any lights. The blower system inflated the tank in 3-hours allowing us to enter and walk around the entire tank. All material tests and seam tests met or exceeded our specifications. Your field crew was very competent and was a pleasure to work with. They also completed the installation ahead of schedule. I will recommend RTD Enterprises for future liner and cover work because of your professionalism and quality of workmanship. Thank you.

John N. Bronder, P.E., Registered Engineer
Washoe County / Department of Resources / Reno, NY
HDPE Liner Installation
It is indeed a pleasure to be writing you with regard to your efforts during the construction of the Howland Wastewater Facilities. We at Woodard & Curran are extremely pleased at the results of the HDPE liner installation. You and your entire firm are to be congratulated for the workmanship and pace in which the liner installation was completed. It is not often in times of tight economics that quality and cooperation are still held in such high priority. We thank you for your efforts in the successful and early completion of the project. Hopefully we will be able to work together in the future. If we may be of any assistance to you in the future please do not hesitate to call.

George W. Bloom, P.E., Project Manager
Robert W. Severance, P.E., Senior Project Manager

Woodard & Curran Inc / Consulting Engineers / Portland, ME
HDPE Liner Installation
We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for RTD Enterprises of Madison, Maine. RTD Enterprises has provided HDPE liner installation services on numerous Sargent Corp. landfill projects over the past ten years. To this date, RTD has been extremely cooperative, has provided quality work and has met all our schedule requirements. Their work has always been completed with pride and integrity. We recommend RTD as a capable and competent HDPE liner installation contractor and look forward to working with them in the near future.

John M. Sturgeon, Senior Project Manager
Sargent Corp. / Stillwater, ME
Reservoir and Floating Liners
President Dan Emery has been known to Burke Industries for the past twenty years. During this time he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about various membrane liner and cover materials and experience in the installation of reservoir liners and floating covers. There are in fact only four or five individuals in the country whose experience equals Dan's in the installation of floating covers and liners. RTD Enterprises is an approved installation contractor for Burke Products. All Burke liner and cover materials installed by RTD are covered by Burke's material warranty.

Louis A. Peloquin, Regional Sales Manager
Burke Rubber Company / San Jose, CA
Reservoir Cover Restoration
This letter is written in reference to RTD Enterprises, Inc. of Madison, Maine. The City of Easton, Pennsylvania recently employed RTD to rehabilitate two reservoir cover systems which had been severely damaged during winter storms. Both reservoirs are 7 million gallon in-ground storage impoundments containing Easton's finished drinking water supply. Both are covered with 45 mil hypalon totaling approximately 166,000 square feet. One reservoir cover required extensive repairs, while the second cover was totally replaced. The workmanship of RTD's staff was superior. The administrative tasks were handled quite professionally and with extreme cooperation. For cover and liner system repair or installation, RTD certainly comes highly recommended. Please feel free to contact my office if you desire to discuss this further.

John F. Gier, Plant Superintendent
City of Easton / Easton, PA