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Landfill Cells & Caps

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Landfill Cells and Caps
We offer design and installation of both landfill cells and caps. Liners are used in new landfills to contain trash and the leachate made from trash. The leachate can then be treated.

We also install landfill caps which cover a landfill that has reached its capacity, and stop rainwater from creating leachate as well as allow the landfill to control rainwater as clean water. Landfill covers contain the gas that is created from decomposing trash allowing the gas to be converted into energy.
Temporary Landfill Cover
Temporary landfill covers are used when a landfill has reached its capacity, but may not yet be ready for the final cap. In this case, we install a temporary cover which controls odor and rainwater, and allows for utilization of the gas and energy without the added costs of final caps.

These caps also allow for the use of air space that becomes available after several years of decomposition.