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Floating Covers, Evaporation Covers and Landfill Cells & Cap Specialists

RTD Enterprises, Environmental Containment Contractors

RTD Enterprises is an environmental contractor offering services throughout the United States with our headquarters based in Maine and Texas. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, floating covers, evaporation covers, evaporation floating covers, frac pit and pit covers, landfill cells and caps, lagoon liners, and decorative ponds. Our products achieve water conservation, evaporation control, h2s gas control, and bird control along with many other benefits. At RTD Enterprises we install only the highest quality materials available and stand by our products and work.

The personnel at RTD Enterprises puts great care into every project and have the ability to individualize and complete projects, providing resources and experience to meet if not exceed our customer’s expectations. We have installed millions of square feet of flexible liner and cover materials for landfills, pits (including frac pits), waste water and clean water facilities, tanks, lagoons and various other applications.

We only use manufacture-approved materials including hypalon, polypropylene, PVC, HDPE, LLDPE, geotextile, drainage composites, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), woven coated fabrics, XR-5, XR-3, and more.

In addition to our installation services we also offer maintenance services, training, cleaning and repairs.

Recognizable Projects

PGA Golf Course - Installed Decorative Ponds - Located in Carson City, NV
Washoe County – Installed HDPE Liner & Polypropylene Cover – Located in Reno, NV
City of Easton – Rehabilitated Two Reservoir Cover Systems – Located in Easton, PA
Howland Wastewater Facilities – Installed Geomembrane System – Located in Howland, ME

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